Thursday, 30 September 2010

Whatever Happened To...

Well hello there handsome folks. It has been way too long, hasnt it?

Lots of stuff going on (though little of actual interest) and as a result this thing just sort of fell off the radar. Tomorrow I am going on holiday, so there wont be another update for a little while again, but while I am here I should tell you all what has been happening.

Well the klutz in me is still alove and well and in the last two months I have broken my wrist again. I swear to god I need to get some sort of bionic implant to make it not keep snapping. Ive got this support thing strapped to it now, but it isnt in a cast anymore which is good.

Things with me and Jay are still amazing. Not much to update in that department really. Work is the same as ever, though I am officially off my training now and am a complete officer. Yay me. The last few days I have been covering the Labour conference thing going on in Manchester. I even managed to get my chops on the news while I was hanging around in the background looking menacing.

Preparations for holidays are still underway. Got lots of new things even though it is still ages away. I am however still shopping crazy and doing lots of spree's in preparation for Christmas. Ooh I cant wait for that to come around again. Jay and I are doing it together at our place this year for the first time. Last year we were both at our families and didnt see each other as we were a few hundred miles apart so this year I am playing ultimate housewife and everything has to be perfect. Im nearly done with it now though. Im soooo organised this year :)

Other than that I cant really think of anything else exciting to report. There is loads of boring shit I could update with, but where is the fun in that?

Hope all of you are well and will read this. Until next time....