Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Big 5 0

Woohoo my 50th blog post. The first one seems like a million ago. Probably because the time between posts seems to be getting bigger but I have been a busy boy of late. i feel I should mark this post with something special, but nothing is coming to mind. Any ideas? Let me know if there is anything you want to see in the next blog and I will get too it. I am counting on your imaginations being more inventive than mine here. We can't all be stupid together.

So what have I been upto? Hmm, well I have just completed three days working at BBC Northwest. I was kind of just there for show really, but it was wicked fun. A colleague and myself were asked to go to act as advisors for a new show being filmed. The guy I was with did all the advising, while I went star hunting. They were a great bunch of people though, and a very random experience was had, but it was a good few days.

So who is watching Glee at the moment? That Madonna episode was pretty brilliant wasnt it? Loved Sue doing Vogue. And Of Course Doctor Who is back on as well. Matt Smith is the best Doctor since Patrick Troughton. All this tv is tunring me into a couch potato.

Jay and I have booked some tickets to go and see Paloma Faith next month. Have I told you all this already? Well anyways, we havem and I can't wait. Her album, if you haven't heard it already, is fantastic. Go download it. This guy demands it:

I chose this guy because he weirdly looks a lot like Jay, except Jay has lighter hair and less of a tan :D

I have arranged to go back to my rugby training the week after next. After all the injuries and downtime I think half of the guys have forgotten who I am, but it will be great to get back to the game. Since the car crash and the first wrist break, I have got a lot of catching up to do. Jay is winding me up saying I am getting a podgy belly so I have to get back to full training on the pitch and in the gym. He is just bitter because I am making him flabby though.

I don't know what's wrong with me lately but I can't stop baking cakes. In a manly way of course :P But yea, I am feeding him up with treats and that's never good. I will end up on a documentary if this keeps up, about people who feed their partners. I'm not trying to make him fat obviously, and he is still a skinny little runt, but I wouldnt care how he looked. Come on, big awww!!

We are off to see Kick Ass tomorrow. Have any of you seen it? Is it any good? I can't say I am particularly fussed, but Jay is dead excited to see it. We went to watch Clash Of The Titans last week, and that was pretty good. It was a bit slow in parts, but overall pretty good. And who can moan at Sam Worthington and his abs eh?

Right, on that note I am going to bring this one to a close. Jay is doing overtime today and I promised I would have dinner ready for when he comes home. Nothing fancy, just pork chops, carrots and croquettes. If he is lucky he might get some gravy too. Just call me Gordon Ramsey. No, on second thoughts....


Monday, 12 April 2010

The Money Tree

Hello everyone. It has been a while, but I am back to blogging now.

We left off just before the dinner party. Well, that went down a storm. Everyone commented on how great the food was, so the nerves were unnecessary. It was really good catching up with everyone that I havent been able to spend so much time with lately, and we all ended up very drunk and had a massive orgy. Well no, we didnt really, but we did all end up very drunk and a great time. Some of my friends decided to embarrass me by recounting tales to Jay, of when I was younger. Oh the shame.

Some of my friends who came had still to meet Jay, and some of his friends hadn't yet met me, but everyone got along really well, and so now everyone is nagging for us to do it again. Perhaps we can make it a monthly thing or something?

I seem to be leaking money all over the place this week. Don't you hate it when loads of bills come at once? Over the last seven days or so, every bill imaginable seems to have been put in my postbox. I will selling copies of the big issue at this rate. Then last week I spilled a bowl of water on my laptop, so that was fucked (hence the lack of blogging), so I went out this morning and bought a new one. I wouldnt have minded so much, but I only had the last one since christmas, so that was money that didnt need to be spent. I should have got insurance on it I guess, so it's my own fault. I just got the same one as before so it only set me back about £500. And I got insurance this time.

The weather has been fab for the last few days, so inbetween shifts I have been taking full advantage and getting my pasty white pins out for a bit of a tan. I drove Jay and I to Blackpool at the weekend and we just chilled out on the beach for a while and ate chips. It's been ages since I went last but it was nice getting out of the city for a while, and even nicer not having to work while we had a few days of sun.

I have been invited back to my old place this week for a catchup with everyone. Smelly Gav won't be there, so it may be worth a drive, because I havent seen too much of the others since I left. I went shopping with one of the girls one day last week and she said that the house is still a shithole and everyone has pretty much given up trying to keep on top of it, since the two guys just keep making it a mess again. I don't miss the hassle at all.

Right, I am off to see what everyone has been blogging about for the last week, so until next time folks.....