Monday, 12 April 2010

The Money Tree

Hello everyone. It has been a while, but I am back to blogging now.

We left off just before the dinner party. Well, that went down a storm. Everyone commented on how great the food was, so the nerves were unnecessary. It was really good catching up with everyone that I havent been able to spend so much time with lately, and we all ended up very drunk and had a massive orgy. Well no, we didnt really, but we did all end up very drunk and a great time. Some of my friends decided to embarrass me by recounting tales to Jay, of when I was younger. Oh the shame.

Some of my friends who came had still to meet Jay, and some of his friends hadn't yet met me, but everyone got along really well, and so now everyone is nagging for us to do it again. Perhaps we can make it a monthly thing or something?

I seem to be leaking money all over the place this week. Don't you hate it when loads of bills come at once? Over the last seven days or so, every bill imaginable seems to have been put in my postbox. I will selling copies of the big issue at this rate. Then last week I spilled a bowl of water on my laptop, so that was fucked (hence the lack of blogging), so I went out this morning and bought a new one. I wouldnt have minded so much, but I only had the last one since christmas, so that was money that didnt need to be spent. I should have got insurance on it I guess, so it's my own fault. I just got the same one as before so it only set me back about £500. And I got insurance this time.

The weather has been fab for the last few days, so inbetween shifts I have been taking full advantage and getting my pasty white pins out for a bit of a tan. I drove Jay and I to Blackpool at the weekend and we just chilled out on the beach for a while and ate chips. It's been ages since I went last but it was nice getting out of the city for a while, and even nicer not having to work while we had a few days of sun.

I have been invited back to my old place this week for a catchup with everyone. Smelly Gav won't be there, so it may be worth a drive, because I havent seen too much of the others since I left. I went shopping with one of the girls one day last week and she said that the house is still a shithole and everyone has pretty much given up trying to keep on top of it, since the two guys just keep making it a mess again. I don't miss the hassle at all.

Right, I am off to see what everyone has been blogging about for the last week, so until next time folks.....



  1. I'm glad the dinner party went well. To be honest I didn't have any doubt. You had everything planned to the last detail.
    Which laptop did you get?

  2. I feel the same about leaking money, I mean, my money leakage probably seems trivial to you, but when I get paid £25 a week at maximum, having to spend £46 on a new jacket, £85 for a ticket to a rubbish festival, and £20 for a friend's party, plus all the stuff that every teenage boy needs like videogames and cinema tickets, it all starts to add up... In a bad way as well!!
    So ummmm... thats all ish from the wonderful world of Jack I think... no wait! It isn't!! I'll blog about it in a bit!!
    Oh, and whaddya think of Matt Smith?! I think he's strangely awesome!!!

  3. Sounds like a a good time (aside from the missed orgy opportunity) ;-)

    It seems to me that every Spring I go through this cycle where my spending spikes. A month later I get my CC bills, and then a month after that I have things back to "normal."