Saturday, 27 March 2010

Round Round Baby, Round Round, Spinning Out On Me

Happy Saturday bloggers. I am full of the joys of spring today. I have had a couple of shitty days but today I have woken up with a spring in my step. I don't know why, but I won't complain.

I went on a shopping spree this morning. It's been too bloody long since I treated myself to new clothes and whatnot so that cheered me up aswell. I got myself a couple new tops and shoes and some jeans and some CD's. So now I think I should listen to my new tunes, while trying on my new clothes, then go out drinking tonight. I planned on a quiet one tonight but my mate Gordan rang and asked me to go for a few bevs, and I aint seen him in an age, so I figured I should go.

I went for a few drinks last night but I went easy because I couldnt face a hangover this morning. I ended up getting into an arguement with a doorman because he wouldnt let me in to a club with the cast on my arm. He said it shows I am 'trouble'. If it was anyone else I probably would have laughed, but it really annoyed me. Other than that though it was a nice night.

I finally got my new car this week, which is awesome. I got the new Citroen C3 in black. It is one of the smoothest cars I have ever driven. If this one gets bumped or bashed I am just going to invest in a mobility scooter.

I am holding my first proper dinner party this week. I feel so grown up. I have cooked for friends before, but this week we are going all formal. Jay and I are having 8 friends over and I am sstuck with cooking 3 courses. Well, not stuck. I guess its unfair to say it that way. I volunteered. Jay can't help because he is an idiot in the kitchen. I swear he could burn water. I have tried teaching him to cook but he just can't grasp it. Either that or he is faking so that I will do all the cooking.

I have no idea what to make yet except for dessert. I make a fab banoffee pie, so I shall be making a heap of that. For a starter I figured maybe I would try something like soup, because it is easy and everyone likes soup. Or maybe prawn cocktail? But then I would have to handle fish products and I would probably pass out. Massive phobia. I have to think of something or I will end up just handing out packs of crisps.

For the main I was thinking Cous Cous with morrocan spices, sautee potatoes with rosemary and garlic and diced lamb in a tomato and chilli sauce. I've made that before so I know it's a safe option and it tastes amazing. Would you eat that? Does it sound ok? Failing that I shall order a chinese, hide the cartons and pass it off as my own.

Right, thats all for today. I have clothes to try on and then I have to head to pick Shane up from the train station. Have a good weekend guys.



  1. I think your main course sounds great. Sorry I can't be there. And soup for a starter should be fine. Never had banoffee pie, but judging from the name, it's something I'd like to try.

  2. Cous cous you say, eh? How the frazzling dazzles do you pronounce that?! I always say 'coose coose' and get funny looks, so its something I've always wondered... hmmmm... anyway, sounds like you had a fun saturday! And so did I!! Twas ace! I'll blog it all out soon enough, but for now I must return to training my Pokemon... love Jack

  3. The meal sounds great - especially the main course.

  4. Oh, congratulations on the car. What can I say? Have great journeys... Enjoy it.
    The meal looks good to me too. Have fun

  5. Enjoy both the car (The Top Gear guys like this, so it must be good, right? ;-) ), and dinner.


  6. Main sounds fantastic...Try a Nigela Rissotto for starters. Leek and bacon, very easy and AMAZINGLY nice...