Friday, 11 June 2010

Stop! Hammer Time

I've gone nearly a month without the internet and it has been a bloody nightmare. I have it on my iPhone, but the battery on that lasts about as long as a struck match. That is why I have been quiet of late. I haven't forgotten you all, honest.

I've been thinking about getting a new car. I know it's only a couple of months since I had my last, but I really want to get an Audi TT. I dont want a brand new one though. I like the ones from around 2004/5. I will have too see how money is I guess.

Jay has started getting really clumsy lately. He's bandaged and plastered all over at the moment because he keeps falling over or walking into things. It's as if he is going around with his eyes closed or something. Perhaps my clumsiness has started rubbing off on him or something.

So good to see that summer is finally here. We have had a couple of glorious weeks of sunshine in the uk (though its cloudy and rainy this week). I love the sun, but I did find myself wishing it was a bit cooler. I went running down at the quays about a fortnight ago and I though I was going to pass out by the end of it. I am such a typical Brit. Moan when it rains, moan when its sunny, moan moan moan.

I think I am going to start getting a big arse before long. I keep finding myself glued to the TV. I never used to really bother with it, but with the new series of Doctor Who, Glee reaching the finale, Big Brother kicking off, Torchwood getting renewed so much other stuff worth watching, I am finding myself getting more hooked. I suppose it doesnt help that I have stopped going out as much to save a bit of money. We arent strapped for cash by any means, but what with the holidays booked, rent going out, general spending and everything else, I just thought maybe its best to reign it in a bit. No need to spend for the sake of it and so my nights out have taken the axe. Only for a wee while though.

It's Jays birthday next month and I have no idea what to get him. He wants a new computer so I can get that, but what else? I was thinking maybe some concert tickets or something? I hate buying for him. Its so hard. He has everything. Perhaps I should give him my car and treat myself to the TT. Is that cheating?

Right, I am off for a shower. I am in court this afternoon and I need to sort myself out. Hope all of you are having a great week and I shall be back soon



  1. Oh wow! First blog in AGES!! And Jack whips in with the first comment! Can I get a woop woop?! Haha! Giving Jay your car and getting yourself a TT is COMPLETELY cheating! Get him the computer and something personal; thats what I do for presents, because then they get what they want and it also shows them how much you care about them!! Sorted.
    And speaking of Torchwood, whatever happened to Operation Eve Myles?! I miss it... and I have LOADS of news for you! I mean, I doubt you read my blog anymore, but I now have my own Jay! Admittedly I put a 'ke' on the end of the Jay and remove the 'y' because he's called Jake, but nonetheless... :D
    Have fun in court :)

  2. OK what's with that ??? I want a new car. I'm not spending as much money to save a bit. Maybe I should give Jay my car and buy a new one. You see any conflict there ? And what's a fortnight again ? We don't say that in the US. Is it a week ?

  3. Hey great to hear from you again! Get jay some undies, particularly 2xist jock style undies, It's like gifting lingerie and it should make him feel very attractive... Don't go overboard on the gifts like you do! :)

  4. I think you might like my blog.. :]

  5. I have just come across your blog now. I look forward to reading a lot more.

    I lived in Manchester for three years and I loved it so I look forward to getting to know you through your work

  6. Glad y'all missed me. I will try to do some extra posting and keep you all informed. Will also do some extra reading and comenting too.

    Jack, I do still hang around like a perv, just never get around to commenting. When I do though it will be three pages long :D

  7. Oh hooray Ryan!! Believe it or not I have missed our massive commentsations! :D

  8. Poor Jay, perhaps some bubble wrap is in order!


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