Friday, 26 February 2010

The 2010 Career Conundrum

I love my job. I really do. It has its fair share of ups and downs, and I get bashed around a bit, but on the whole, I am doing what I have wanted to do for my entire life. This year, my 'official training' comes to an end and I will be a fully fledged PC, but yesterday I resigned. Twice.

I have had some time off due to the crash, and my first day back at work was Wednesday. In the time I have had off, a new seargent was promoted. She was off on Wednesday, so I didnt get to meet her, but from what a couple of the guys were saying, she has been drafted in from a different constab, and she has dragged her bad attitude with her, pissing off half of the force within her first few days.

On Thursday, I got into work and she was there already. I had barely got changed when she took me to one side, demanded to know why I had so long off from work, and asked me how I felt about 'being paid for mickey taking absences, over minor injuries'. Now, I dont take well to being pulled up on something that has no connection to her, and was dealt with before she even transfered, and when I told her that if she wanted reasons she could check my file, and that I would be speaking to the Inspector (her superior) about her attitude, she tried passing it off as bad sarcasm on her part, and asked me to keep it to myself.

I decided, although I knew she was full of shit, to leave it go by and get on with my work. About an hour or so later, I was taling to her about some arrest forms, and explained that the name on one was wrong. Because she was dealing with it, I couldnt ammend it myself, and obviously because we dont want to be prosecuting the wrong people, putting the right information on the forms is paramount. She argued with me for over 15 minutes about how she doesnt make mistakes, and refused point blank to double check the sheets.

When she finally gave in and checked them, and saw the mistake, she came right up in my face, saying 'Are you happy now Ryan? Is it so important to make me look stupid? I've put it right now'. I just responded with, 'Was it wrong though?' and she went bananas, started screaming at me in front of a room full of officers about how shitty my attitude is and if the only reason I come to work is to undermine her in 'her' station, then she will see to it that I won't be coming there for much longer, before dragging me into one of the interview rooms for another grilling.

Steve, the Inspector on duty who overheard everything followed us in and it all went to shit. This girl is a jumped up, silly little bitch who has let a bit of power get to her head. She is younger than me, which just made me even more pissed. I know it shouldnt, but you hear about this at work all the time. From what we have found out from former colleagues of hers, she got her promotion through brown nosing, and when it comes to actual policing, she doesnt know her arse from her elbow, and got all her merit from taking other peoples credit. As big headed as it sounds, I am brilliant at my job. I work my arse off and I am well respected at work, and I won't be spoken to like that by anyone.

This girl tried her best to make it look like I was being disrespectful to her and talking to her like shit, but I think that the Steve saw through it. She started shouting again, and I stood up, said that she is out of order, and obviously not the right person for the job, and told them that I was quitting. Steve managed to get me sat down, and spoke to me about how it will all be dealt with, but she just wouldnt give up, and kept talking to me like shit. In the end I threw my badge down and walked out.

I spoke to Steve and agreed not to quit there and then, but to take 3 days out until Monday to think things over and calm down. He stood and told me about how good he thinks I am and what an asset to the team I am etc, which was nice, because he never says stuff like that to anyone. One of the guys text me today and said that the Sarge had been demoted and moved to desk for the forseeable, which is a relief, and so I guess I will be going back after all, but I have never had a day like that before, where I absolutely hate my job. I am not even totally sure why I have written all this to be honest, but it just pissed me off no end. I think maybe I am just worried that it will taint my view of the job. We will have to wait and see I guess.

On another note I need a holiday. The Winter in the UK doesnt seem to want to end. 3 months of on/off snow, and freezing temperatures is driving me insane. Jay and I have been looking for destinations and we have whittled it down to a few, though none are particularly cheap. We are looking at Dubai, Hawaii, Tunisia or Mauritious, though right now, just for a bit of sunshine I would probably be happy with a weekend in Spain.

Anyway, this has turned into a really whiny little blog so I will leave it at that. Think I will take a wee while to give the blog that overhaul I was talking about a few weeks back.

Have a good weekend guys.



  1. i think you should consider queer friendly place, unlike dubai. im going there and was told i have to "be" straight the whole time there.

  2. Hey Ry,
    I'm very sorry to hear about all that. I can only imagine how bad and angry you must have felt.
    I believe though that everybody else in the force know you and how good you are, so try to concentrate on that. Having Steve's support is also what counts.
    I agree about the weather. It's so bad this year it's getting on everybody's nerves...

  3. Dude that really sucks. I'm glad you aren't letting her win though. It is an unfortunate part of working life, that there will always be assholes out there that just don't get it, and try to make it hard on the rest of us.

    Stay strong my brother. If policing is what you want to do, then don't let dicks like her screw you around. Just think of all the shit you have gone through to get where you are, and i think you will see that she is just a very small blip on your beautiful big radar.

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


    PS: You two could come here..., the weather is beautiful, and the scenery aint bad either.

  4. Just a recommendation: if you consider Hawaii, there's a cool mostly-gay place called the Maui Sunseeker in Kihei. It's pretty centrally located and has a clothing-optional sundeck/jacuzzi. I spent my birthday there last year and am going back this year.

    As for the job stress - it hits everyone sometime. Especially with all the crap you've been through, you probably don't have the reserves to deal with a bitchy boss at the moment. So, take it in stride, try to find some way to relax, and move on. Blowing up here is far better than blowing up in the office.

  5. Bitch. Kick her in the balls.

    On the other hand, life is generally just a massive shit, and you always end up hating the things you love. You just have to stop before you get in too deep. Because if you don't it fucks you up, and then everyone thinks you're crazy.

  6. Man that sucks! Having a bad superior like that makes a decent or enjoyable job harder to do. Keep you chin up Ryan. Love the new layout by the way. ;)

  7. She's such a cunt!
    Be yourself and "tell her" to f*ck off - she might be lacking a social life anyway. Empty people make me sick!
    Good luck on your holidays search.

  8. I hope that people like her will be "found out" and get what they deserve. Karma!

    No one likes a bully, so one day she will be dealt with by superiors. Well here's hoping.

    Why are some people so evil!?

  9. Every job I have had - EVERY JOB - was always undermined by some pinchfaced man hating bitch. Thank God I am now a Gentleman of Leisure and never need to worry about those past scraps in the back offices. Good luck and don't take no shit off them women.

  10. Sounds like this chick got put in her place. It just sucks having to deal with that. Especially after you've had such a rough few weeks. Hope things are going better now. Cheers!