Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Making Up Random Words

Woohoo, two posts in two days. I havent managed that feat for a while.

I have been trying to catch up with my reading of posts today. I haven't been on here as much as I would like and I feel a bit like I am neglecting my readers a bit, so today I have been catching up, leaving my comments and just generally peeping in on all your lives.

I am not 100% sure what I am going to be writing about today. This could go either way I guess. I will either dribble on about crap until eventually you are all sleeping and dribbling into your keyboards, or it will be one of those times when all of a sudden, a hundred things spring to mind that I should tell you all about and you will need extra caffiene to get through it all. I will insert a sexy man picture at this point to sustain some interest.

I got a call this morning from work (I am off until Monday) saying that they have played around with my shifts and as of monday they are putting me on days (8-6 shifts) to see how that works out for a bit. I will still obviously be doing the twilights as well sometimes, but it will mean that my shifts are a bit more spread out, which means I will be seeing a whole lot more of Jay and my friends, which is a good thing.

Cinema tonight with Jay. We are going to see Invictus. Its all about rugby with Matt Damon in the lead, so I can't see how it can fail to impress me. I think Jay is quite excited too. He got his first taste of the game at the weekend when the Six Nations kicked off and he seemed to enjoy it. I told him that if he doesnt get it, then he can at least spend 80 minutes checking out all the hairy and toned legs, so it was a win win situation. I will update you all with whether or not the film is actually any good when I next post.

Off topic I know, but I am soooooo cold it is unreal. Its snowing again today and I just can't seem to get the apartment warmed up. Right now I am fully clothed, reporting to you from under a duvet, sat next to a radiator (and for some reason I have the theme tune to Murder She Wrote stuck in my head). This is quite a random scenario.

I have been asked by my old High School to go and give a talk about careers. How awesome is that? It's a bit scary and I haven't said yes yet, but I think I might do it. Nick, an old teacher of mine who I am still in touch with, is organising it, and I think he wants me there more than anything, to talk about adversity, rather than the actual job. I suppose for that reason, perhaps it is a good idea to do it. I remember when I was younger thinking I would never be able to do my job because I wouldnt be accepted for being gay, and I would have to spend the rest of my life pretending not to be. Maybe talking about how uneffecting my sexuality is on the job, will have a good impact on some of the kids? I don't know. High school was an awesome part of my life, but going back there now seems scary as hell. I have some time to think on it though. Would you do it?

How do you feel about some audience participation? Ew, perhaps audience is the wrong word to use. It makes it sound like you have come here to see me. Contributer participation. Is that a word? It sounds right but it looks odd. Off I go again, if it wasn't a word, it is now. So anyways, you all contribute with comments and opinions and such, so how about some more? I have been thinking about a site overhaul. I love the colour black. Black is classy. But I am sick of winter, and everytime I look at my blog it reminds me of dark and depressing nights. I want to herald in the new season with a change? Different colour, bit of personalisation, maybe even a name change. What do you think? Good idea? Any suggestions for colours or fonts etc?

While we are on the subject of contributers, a big hearty hello to all my new followers. Very happy to have you all on board, and I look forward to your comments and reading your stuff. I have said it before, but I will defo be getting my act together with this thing again soon. I need to update my shout out's and my dating disasters and stuff. Perhaps I will do a shout out or DD today?

So this really didnt end up being full of interesting stuff after all. Sorry about that. More boringness from me (and another made up word I think). It looks like several people have now dribbled into their keyboards after all. Oh well. I guess I will leave it at that for now. If you managed to stay with me this far, well done and thank you. I promise my next blog will be worth reading. It will be all about how I saved the world from imploding...... Or something.



  1. I would have loved having an openly gay professional talking to me while I was in high school. Especially doing the kind of job you’re doing. However, you’ll have to check with the teacher.
    If you need any help just let me know. I’m there...

  2. Agreed. I think it would have been awesome to have an openly gay professional come speak to my high school. Considering the closed-mindedness of the community I am from, it would have been an eye-opening experience for all...including myself. I say go for it!

    Have a good time at the movies. I have heard Invictus was quite good. I am wanting to see that myself. Perhaps if the snow-covered roads aren't too back this afternoon, I might just hop in the car and catch Invictus myself.

    Yes, we are suffering from the snow as well. I went into work this morning, and as I walked in the door I received a text message from our principal (yes, I teach) stating that school was just cancelled. It is frustrating since I live 25 minutes from the school. It was about an hour of driving wasted today. Oh well, life goes on.

    Have a great day.
    - JC

  3. I think you should do the school thing. Give the kids some intel on how the other side lives as it were.

    As for the blog, well there are plenty of good templates out there, just take a look and see what feels right for you.

    On to the "Saving the world" thing..., if you are going to be a super hero, you are going to need a catch phrase! Something like "EAT MY JUSTICE"..., if you choose to go with that, then you must get a pair of skintight briefs and print "JUSTICE" on the crotch... hahahahaha!!!

    Courage and Honour!


  4. well, seems everyone summed up what i wanted to say.. but i'm laughing like a loon at Octavius catch phrase.. LOL!

  5. So far all of your blogs that i've read were worth reading. I'm into tweaking the crap out of my blog so I know how you feel about change. For some reason people are off put by mentioning readers as audience... i dunno why but I love your blog and I would totally go to the career day thing.

  6. Very cool about being asked to speak at your high school. I had to speak when I graduated, and that was plenty for me. Haha. Public speaking is something I try to avoid like the plague. As for being behind on blogs, note that I'm commenting weeks after the fact. Lol. I have some catching up to do myself. :-P Ciao! Oh and that's great to hear about switching to day-shifts! :)