Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Happy Valentine??

So I just got back from town. The one time I hate shopping is when I have to think of gifts for other people. Generally I pretty much love shopping, and I haven't had a good spree in quite some time, but today was a bloody nightmare and I blame it all on that bloody Saint Valentine fellow. I know Jay really well and I am confident that I can buy him things that he will love, but we are still in the stage where we are always buying things for each other, so most of the good ideas I have for gifts for him have already been used up on random gifts I pick up when I am in town. The hard part about today was getting things which say, I love you with all my heart. Generic DVD's or clothes just won't cut it.

The thing with me is, when it comes to shopping I never know when to stop. I never feel like I have got quite enough. Christmas is a nightmare because I end up spending hundreds of pounds more than is needed, buying extra gifts that aren't needed, so that I don't feel like I am being a cheapskate. I blame it on my younger brother. I remember one time when he was younger, saying to me 'is that all?' when I gave him his birthday presents and ever sinse then I go into overdrive whenever I have to buy people things. I will need to send my credit card to a health spa before long.

Anyways, so I walked around town thinking I will just get him a book or something. I know it sounds rubbish, but its the only thing he said he wanted. A specific hardback edition of the LOTR trilogy. It was £35 (£35 for a fucking book!) don't get me wrong, I dont mind spending the money, but the books are shit and so I felt like it was money wasted.

I wandered around the shops feeling lost. The worst part was probably trying to pick a card. Do you think I could find a nice, classy looking card? Could I hell. They were all trashy, chavvy or just plain wierd. One, for example, had a dog with boxing gloves on the front. Whats that all about? Lots of them, and I have no idea why, had rosettes stuck on the front. The type like they award dogs with at Crufts. Who thinks up these things? I mean seriously! What was I supposed to do with that? 'Here's your card. And congratulations on coming first in this year's best boyfriend awards'. Yuck! And why can't you just by a card with 'boyfriend' on the front, thats also nice to look at. The only ones that were remotely buyable had things like 'to my partner' on the front. Who the hell says that? Thats one of the most impersonable things you can have printed on the front of a card.

The only bit of the card selection process I enjoyed was looking at the older men hovering in their trenchcoats trying not to look too shifty whilst trying to find something that won't get them a slap off the missus. You could see the nerves all over their faces. These men looked like they were being sent to war, it was hysterical. Anyways, I found a half decent card (It's not the best, but the best they had) and headed to the till. The old lady behind the counter was looking at me funnily before finally saying 'you do know this card is meant for another man, don't you?', like I had gone in, closed my eyes and reached for any old card and hoped for the best. She quickly rushed through the sale when I asked her if she thought it was gay enough. Clintons ain't what it used to be I tell you.

I digress. Anyway, against my better judgement, I got the book, but as soon as I paid for it, I got that feeling again. Even though he said it is all he wanted, it just didnt seem enough. I ended up buying him another two books. Then I went and got him two computer games. Then a cd. Then Some chocolates. Some gorgeous underwear. Then some DVD's (see my issue here?). The thing is, the money doesnt figure into it. I dont mind spending the money. Its more the amount of actual gifts. I didn't want him to have that 'is that all' feeling, so I just kept going. I got him a mug with this little ditty on about being a brilliant boyfriend. Then I picked him up a few funny things, like a sex bell (for him to ring when he wants sex, obviously)....

Ooh I just had major Deja vu

Sorry, back on track. So I decided if I didnt get out of the shopping centre my bank would be sending men to bundle me off to shopaholics anonymous. On my way out though I passed a jewellers and I figured I should have a browse. I only went in to have a snoop but I ended up coming out with an engraved silver bracelet (Grrrr). Its lovely though. I had his name put on the plate part, then on the underside had the date we started going out. I think he will really like that.

By this point I was nearly free. The exit was in sight and I knew that I could be in the car park within three minutes. I swear, if I had had a scissors I would have cut my card to shreds. So just as I was about to get out of there, I passed the phone shop. I looked down at my bags and thought 'just one more thing' and ended up buying him an iPhone. Cupid Has a lot to answer for!

The thing is, I got home, looked at everything I baught and it hit me. He would have been happy with just a card. He would never say 'is this it?' and would be happy with anything I got him. I feel a bit silly now. I hate feeling like I havent done enough, but he will probably look at everything I got and wonder why I spoiled him so much when in reality, I really didnt need to do that. To top it all off, I forgot to get the wrapping paper. Bloody Valentines day!!



  1. Nice blog man! Not read one this good in a while! But seriously, no one uses wrapping paper these days. You just put in one of them nifty little colourful bags! I think you got it spot on at the end though, when people are buying me stuff, I'd rather be bought something that's like cheap and dead personal or suited to me, than have someone spending loads and getting stuff that I could have bought myself, y'know?
    Anyway, cool blog.

  2. The thing with me is, when it comes to shopping I never know when to stop. I never feel like I have got quite enough.

    That's exactly the same for me. I always think that I want to buy Tim all stuff in the world, and get carried away...

  3. lol on all the buying! It's ok, I know just what feeling you are talking about. :) If i were you Id return some of that stuff, but keep the Iphone! You are sweet, and I know Jay would love anything you give him.

  4. Dude..., you have a serious problem... hahahaha!!

    Seriously though, that's a really sweet gesture. But all I can think of is that if you show up with all that, Jay may feel a little inadequate..., you know? What if he only got you something small?

    You could always do it like a progressive thing..., or an easter egg hunt..., you know leave little things all over the flat for him to find.

    It's obvious that you feel very strongly about him, given the way you don't want him to get that "Is that all" look, but seriously, the guy would probably just feel blessed that he gets to wake up to you in the morning.

    My personal advice, would be to pick two things, and I would go with the book that he wanted and the bracelet. And leave everything else for another occasion.

    Hope I haven't made you upset...


  5. Happy Early Valentines Day to you too! Love the pics.

  6. Wow... that is indeed a lot of shopping!
    I agree with Octavius. You shouldn't give everything now. It will be overwhelming. Pick a few things now and give the rest to Jay another time, when not expected (always nice).

  7. Hey guys, thanks for all the comments.

    I spent a lot of time last night wondering about the best way to go about it. The little kid in me nearly gave him it all yesterday, but I am holding out so far. I don't think he will feel inadequate in what he has got me. He took me away for the weekend after all and I know that cost him a lot, and he has got me a load of gifts too. I ended up driving back into town and buying one of those bags (thanks Lucas), so now all his things are in there and he knows he has them (though he doesnt know what they are) so I cant hold out on him now. Im sure he will love it all. Well, I hope he does or he is in the doghouse :D


  8. What a damn adventure!! I'd pay to see the old lady behind the counter's face, my goodness, lmao.
    Great post.

  9. I randomly came across your blog, and I have to say, I am absolutely in love with it. I love your descriptions, I can actually picture you doing everything you write, and it's so lovely. Keep up the great work! Oh, one final note, I loved "is that gay enough" question towards the old lady. Brilliant!