Friday, 11 December 2009

Broken Bones

Hello all. It's been a few days. A very eventful few days. I have a broken wrist and nose. Bad times. A guy went crazy with a bat outside the station and I took it to the wrist and an elbow to the face so I have been recovering for a few days with a little bit of extra TLC from Jay, hence the lack of bloggage. The plus side is I have extra leave, so an extra 8 days of holiday. Can't really complain about that I guess. It does mean that I will be out of rugby for the next two months though which really pisses me off. Maybe the sympathy vote will get me some extra christmas presents to cheer me up.

People keep looking at me in the street like I am a thug. My nose is plastered across my face and I have two black eyes. I probably shouldnt have gone out in my hoody I guess. I'm kinda proud of my war wounds though, which is totally stupid. The doctor who saw to me was gorgeous!! Well worth the pain.

Jay took me to the cinema this week. I let him choose the film and he went for Law Abiding Citizen. It wouldnt have been my choice and I thought it was going to be shit, but it was actually pretty good. Plus, Gerard Butler in his birthday suit is not altogether offputting.

Jay is going away tonight until monday. I'm already missing him. I am going to see him for a little bit this evening before he goes though which is something to look forward to I guess. We have an action packed week set for next week because after next weekend I am going home and he goes away the night before I come back, so we wont see each other for nearly three weeks. That's going to be horrible.

Anyways, I am going to keep this short because it is a ballache to type, and nothing else has really happened this week and there aint no point talking for the sake of it. Hope you all have had a good week. Drop by and say hi.


Oh, forgot to add. I spoke to Shane about the whole baby thing. It didnt start off too well, but I explained my reservations and how now wasn't a good time for me. She was really pissed off at first, but the more I spoke, the more I think she realised that it was a big thing to ask of me. I tried to turn it slightly to get her to think about whether it was even the right time for her and I think it got her thinking about her situation. Her girlfriend is a nobhead for one, which I pointed out to her, and mainly, that a baby is for life, not just for christmas. Or at least something to that effect. So for the time being all plans are on hold and things are fine between us. Gotta be pleased with that result.

Peace out.



  1. Dude..., sorry to hear you got bange4d up. Still good news on the baby front.

    Have fun with Jay.


  2. all i kept thinking is that it would be very fulfilling to take care of the boy like jay has done. its not a "lucky him that youre hurt" but more an opportunity for unexpected bonding. like, you know what he would be like in these situs now so somehow you know a bit more of him as a person. i refrain from "liking" lol. my update board felt lifeless and i know why now. get better boy!

  3. Sorry to hear about what happened to you. Hope you'll be better in no time and just enjoy the extra days off...
    Glad everything went well with Shane!

    Take care of yourself and try to get some rest...

  4. oh man! I hope you feel better. That really sucks but makes for a great story! Glad you liked the movie and the bonding time with jay. Missed ya!

  5. Man dodge and weave ... dodge and weave.... sorry you got hurt. Hope you have a great time.

  6. ryan you are a hero in my books i know its your job and that. but to get that hope he get a good stretch grate news about the baby . jay is showing that he prob loves you more than you think....

  7. Cheers that you came to an understanding on the kiddo. And I believe Just means "bob and weave."

  8. What happened sounds awful. There are some nutters around.

  9. Omg. I'm still confused about why you got beat up. Sorry that happened. :( I hope you recover quickly. Something similar happened to a coworker of mine, it's all very scary. Glad to hear the baby talk went well enough. In situations like that, you just have to put your feelings out their and hope that the other person can see it from your point of view. Heal up Ryan. xo

  10. I'll definitely be seeing Law Abiding Citizen if Gerards naked in it. oohhh.