Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bring On The Snow

Evening merry gentlemen.

December is upon us and it is now officially (for me, anyway) ok to start looking forward to Christmas. I have been watching people putting up decorations on their houses today and it has really got me in the festive mood. 24 days left until Santa unloads his sack for me :P

I was having man issues last night. Or at least, I think I may have been. Text messaging should be banned. I always try to not read anything into a text because words can be read in a million ways, but a text from Jay last night in what was probably an innocent or even jokey manner, came accross as not so nice, and then I spent the whole night stewing over what was meant by it. I tried texting back and asking him to explain, but then things were getting confusing because neither of us were understanding what the other was on about. I rang him this morning and everything got cleared up, but that feeling of unease last night was horrible. Sorted now though, so its all good.

As a little aside, it is taking me ages to write this because Sleeping With The Enemy has just come on cable and I haven't seen it for years and it's reshocking me all over again.

My nomination for arsehole of the week goes to Rupert Everett who today has said that gay actors should stay in the closet because they can never be successful otherwise. I haven't tried to 'break America' as it were, but I just always put his limited success down to the fact that he isn't actually a very good actor as apposed to the fact he was gay. Maybe it's an attitude like his that makes it harder for gay actors to be seen as leading men. When an openly gay actor tells others they should stay in the closet, what does that say to all the studios and directors out there?

A little update on my friend Emma. Me and Shane tried to talk to her but she was having none of it. For a while she seemed a little hesitant in her response though, so we at least think she has taken it on board. She didnt say so outright, but I could tell she was pissed off with us. She tried saying that we must have misinterpreted what we saw and came up with a 100 other excuses. I guess the only person who can make her see sense is herself. I will be there when it all falls apart though.

My smelly housemate decided to get a bus into town today instead of driving, then came home and moaned about the 'state of the people' who take public transport, and how the person next to him was really smelly. I'm starting to think that he either thinks I am joking when I tell him he reeks, or he is just outright fucking stupid.

I just want to take a second to give a shout out to all my new followers and readers, and everyone who has made comments on my posts. It's great to come on and read them and I look forward to more. Hope everyone has a great day, wherever you are in the world.


Just to add, that little picture above is a pressie for all my followers to help keep you warm on these winter nights. Or just to gawp at, whatever suits you :D


  1. Yes I hate text .. I try like hell not to use it .. do love it for balances and that type of things.. but to try to conversation , more than once I took one the wrong way..thanks for trying to keep me warm but if he needs a place to stay .. will more than happily test you my addy ... lmao ... Glad you sorted it all out ...... Just

  2. oh i have fond memories of messages turned into fights, i smile at them cause they made the making up all the more pleasing. ps. no need for warming up, aust is always bloody warm. its the cold that i welcome.

  3. When I saw the handsome fella in a santa cap, I just starting laughing my silly head off. Why? Because for a friend of mine, his Christmas gift is 25 days of hot guy pics emailed one each day. And the one on your blog post? That is is Christmas pic! lol

    And texting can be the worst thing ever! Sarcasm just doesn't translate at all well over text, and unless you know the person, chat either!

  4. Oh my god. Who gives a crap about your vapid life, your neurotic friends, your misinterpreted text messages, and your smelly roommate. Get a life, and THEN write about it.

  5. Anonymous, your life is so interesting that you choose to read all about Ryans life and then take the time to comment on it? Another bitter little queen is obviously on the prowl!