Saturday, 12 December 2009

Love Man

Wow, what a weekend so far.

As I said a couple of posts back, Jay has got me hooked onto all these new shows. Well because he was going away this weekend, and he knew I would be stuck in the house because of my injuries, he asked me to go meet him from work so that he could give me another boxset to see me through the weekend. I was only going to be seeing him for about 30 minutes but I figured it was worth it sinse I wouldnt be seeing him for FOUR WHOLE DAYS!!! :p

Anyways, so I drag myself through town to go meet him and when he got off the train he told me that he had cancelled his weekend away so that he could look after me. How nice is that? If I wasnt likely to break something else, I would have jumped on him right there on the platform. So he took me back to his, propped me up with pillows, cooked me dinner and just looked after me all night. I may as well have been in a full body cast, the fuss he was making. It was so lovely. We spent the night talking and giggling and just enjoying each other. It was perfect. He is an absolute angel.

Things seemed to progress further between us last night. In a good way. A really good way. It's something that is so hard to put into words, but it felt like there were times when even though we werent speaking, it felt like a million words were being spoken between us. A realisation of feelings or something. Or affirmation. Thats a good word to sum it up I think. The evening was magical. I dont care how cheesy it sounds. If he carries on like this then I'm gunna put a ring on it. So to speak.

I stayed until about 5pm today and then I had to head home. Came into a war ground. Everyone arguing over Smelly Gav. I didnt stick around because I was in such a happy mood, so I went to run a bath and let them argue it out downstairs. I will find out what it was all over late on. Maybe add my few pennies in. For now though, I am in too good a mood to be mediating arguements.

Tomorrow I will be going back over to his for the afternoon. He says he has a few things planned and a big surprise for me. I love this feeling. The one where you just can't get enough. I know this has been a particularly slushy post, but hey ho. There is enough bad stuff going on out there, so I am happy to share my happiness with you all.

Talking of 'you all' I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has been wishing me well, and to everyone who keeps coming back and reading my randomness, and leaving their comments. Its nice to know that people are enjoying it. I was going to do some individual thanks yous on the comments section earlier, but my blgger was acting like a lesbian and being difficult, so for some reason nothing was posting (and if I write all this and it doesnt post I will be having a BF)

Also, I decided earlier that I would choose a title based on the lyrics of whatever was playing on my iPod when I finished the post. Quite apropriately, its Love Man by Otis Reading, so thats what I am sticking at the top. Enjoy your weekend guys.



  1. my god he cancels a few days away just to look after you .
    this is proper love ryan not the can we shag if am nice to you love. god knows what his surprise is maybe he wants you to meet his family .

  2. im so jealous. lol not much else to say!

  3. Man I love to hear about you happiness. It is so much better than you getting hurt. I glad things are going well for you and Jay .... Glad he is spoiling you man. Hang in there ... Love Lee

  4. Very *very* happy for you, Ryan! :) I love this piece very much. I don't know. It's easy for people to brag on and be extremely 'in your face' when they're in love, but you very carefully piece together this post, and its just so beautiful and exudes a sense of... being thankful and wanting to share rather than a brag.

    Oh, its just so beautiful and I truly am very happy for you, and absolutely honoured (as strange as it is) to be able to read and shared in this very loving relationship. :)

  5. Oh Ry, I'm so happy for you!
    Happy you're feeling better already too...

  6. yay for you Ry! thats awesome, happy news :)