Wednesday, 16 December 2009

R 'n' R

Hey guys,

Been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately. Sorry about that. I have been resting my arm mainly, but have been spending a lot of time with Jay as well and trying to get myself sorted for my trip over Christmas.

I'm still pretty bruised up at the moment, but I don't feel as sore which is good. My black eyes seem to be getting worse before they get better, but the cuts and stuff are healing nicely. People keep asking me if they can sign the plaster on my wrist. It makes me laugh, I didnt think people did that outside of highschool. I feel like a nob anyways because it's illuminous yellow plaster, so I figure a few autographs can't hurt.

I spent most of the weekend with Jay. As I mentioned on saturday, he cancelled his trip away to look after me, so I stayed there friday night, then went back staurday night and stayed over again. That one was a last minute decision. I was going to just have a quiet night in but he asked me to go back over, and I was more than happy to do that. I came home Sunday night and I havent seen him sinse. Sad times. I do miss him when I dont see him, but I dont want to see too much of him incase we end up getting on each others nerves. Besides, I like that build up of not seeing him for a while and then how excited I am when I get to finally see him again. I am meeting him tonight from work and I can't wait. We are heading for a meal in the Quays, and then off to see a film. Its becoming a bit of a Wednesday tradition now, and I like that.

We have booked tickets to see Avatar when it comes out on Friday. We have booked a midnight viewing and from what I understand, it is quite a long film, so hopefully I will stay awake. I will be staying with him for the night and then that is the last time I will be seeing him until the new year. That's going to be a hard one, but between the phone and internet I guess I will at least be able to speak to him loads.

I have decided to move out of my house. I realise I am starting to hate the people I live with, and I dont want to ruin any friendships (except smelly Gav, who I couldnt give a shit about), so I have decided that I am going to just get my own place. There are some decent one bedroom apartments in the city centre for reasonable price so I figure now is as good a time as any to go it alone. I figure its the only way that I can save any sort of friendship with my housemates because I am at boiling point with them lately. Even with a broken wrist I am still expected to clean up after them and it is driving me insane.

I hate being boring, but there isnt much more to fill you in on. Ive just been mainly resting up and getting pampered by Jay. Ooh, Glee premiered in the UK last night. I have been waiting to watch this for months and have resisted all urge to check online, and it finally came on yesterday. I have to say, based on episode one, I am hooked. It was brilliant. It's totally not the normal type of show I would watch. I like Scifi and action or comedy, but this show was brilliant. I was even singing along. The humour in it is great and the cast is brilliant. If you haven't watched it, then you must. It cheered me up no end last night.

On that note guys, I am going to head off and attempt to make a bacon sandwhich. I havent really been cooking for myself since I did my hand in, but nobody is here today and I am starving so I have to try for myself with the dodgy hand. I should just say though that usually I am a fantastic cook. Anyhoo, if you dont hear from me by the weekend, assume I burned the house down and died smelling of smoky bacon.



  1. Most likely, finding your own place will be very good. You'll feel better and more relaxed

    Oh, wait... Is that the fire brigade I hear?

  2. Mmmmm..., nothing better than a bacon butty!

    Sounds like a good plan, to get out on your own..., to be fair, I have been thinking the same thing lately.

    All I can say on the Jay front, is just think of the reunion!

    Courage and Honour!


  3. can i sign your cast?! if i were you i prob would have made the most blown up story to make me look cool... but alas im a knob hahaha. oh avatar looks fab. ur such a dork loving sci fi. p.s. in australia glee has finished the season youre abt to watch. IT ONLY GETS BETTER.

  4. Once I moved into my own place, I vowed to never get a roommate again. It's just so... nice to be able to let things go if you want, straighten up your *own* mess should things go a bit far, and not have to compromise.

    Of course, on occasion as I shed clothing (shoes, socks, work shirt -> t-shirt) through the house (over the back of a door, on a couch, in a hallway) I occasionally *lose* something for a day or so. ;-)

  5. WORDPRESS IS BETTER THAN BLOGGER!!!! This won't show who said this so guess who?! HAHAHAHA Love for the Ryan ;D

  6. i really want to get my own apartment as well but alas its too expensive for anywhere near the city. i just watched Avatar last night and its such an epic film and where is that quay? which city u in? its' amazing!!!

  7. The flat hunting has started so I will be viewing some places when I get back after xmas. And I managed to get through making my bacon butties without burning everything. I ruined the eggs though. Oh and Aaron, that picture is of Salford Quays. Thats where went for our meal on Wednesday.

  8. Congrats on being ready to go it alone. I would love to have my own place, but unfortunately, funding is a bit of an issue. Especially considering I live in New York.

    I can't believe it took this long for Glee to cross the pond! It's AMAZING. The next few episodes are also GREAT too! Definitely feel free to drop me a line if you ever need someone to gush over TV shows with. Haha.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you're healing up well. xx