Sunday, 10 January 2010

And The Songbirds Keep Singing Like They Know The Score

I figure it is time to get this blog back on track. I have let it fall by the wayside a fair bit recently, and the posts that I have made, have been mainly made up of me gushing about Jay. Don't get me wrong, there will still be a fair bit of gushing going on (that sounded better in my head), but there is still so much more going on that I have been leaving unwritten.

So firstly, last night I was back at work. I got through the whole shift without being poked, bashed, battered, bruised or punched. That in itself was a good start. I was on desk duty which I expected, but I got to catch up with everyone and get the skinny on everything that I have missed sinse I have been off. Back in tomorrow now.

I should also mention that this post will be kinda backwards, starting from last night and then working backwards to earlier in the week, with random mentions of futre events. It's probably best you go get a coffee or something because this could get confusing.

before my shift yesterday I went out with some friends for dinner. We went to this Japanese place called Wasabi. Now I should probably say that going to a sushi bar was not my idea. I have an enormous phobia of fish. Dead or alive, choped, mashed or fried, if I know it came from the sea, I get an overwhelming terror. Its a source of much ridicule from my friends and family. Anyways, I hadn't seen them for ages, so I decided to try and brave it. We got in there and took our seats around the revolving tray thingy and it started. I looked at this raw fish looking sardine type thing sitting on top of a what looked like glued together rice and ran outside to be sick.

I ended up going back in, but sat on a table away from the fishy stuff with one of my friends and had a bowl of soup. Its wasnt the nicest or most filling thing ever, but I was assured that no fish were interfered with during the making of it.

Friday night I went to view some apartments. I took Jay with me to stop me from doing anything rash. thing is, I aint as patient as I would like and I know I would have just ended up saying yes to the first one with a toilet. anyways, the agent girl who was showing me the places was awesome. I know it sounds random but she just had this great personality and I wanted to be her friend. Anyways, we looked at a couple of places and she offered to take us to this new place thats just been built, that will be coming on the market in a few weeks. So we go and look at it and because its a new build the actual one I would move into is just bricks at the moment, though she said there is a one week turnaround to get carpets laid and walls painted etc. That suits me. She showed 3 different layouts and as soon as I went in to the third one it felt like it was mine.

You know with a new home, sometimes you just know? I walked in an even with no lights or carpets or anything, I could imagine where all my stuff would go, how it would look etc. Jay thought it was brilliant too and so out of nowhere, I asked him if he wanted to move in with me. I know, I know, massive step, but it just felt right. Anyways, he said yes and we took it. We have to go and put the final payments down on Friday and then it's ours. Which means I now only have a few weeks left with Smelly Gav and the shithouse brigade.

I had a bust up with my mum over the phone the other day so we havent spoken for nearly a week. The thing is, I developed my stubborn gene from here and we are both as bad as each other, so unless someone dies, neither of us will give in and pick up the phone to make amends. Seriously we are the worst. I remember once when I lived with her we had a row and didnt speak for over 3 weeks, even though we lived in the same house. The silence was only broken when I had one of my spaz moments and fell down the stairs. I will have to be the better man this time though and phone her because I need a favour :P

The random title from todays post is my little homage to Jay. I fell asleep the other day listening to the song on repeat. Not sure why but it reminded me of him so much. He had never heard it, but when he did he loved it, and he decided that it should be 'our song', which I love. We now have a song. Isnt that like a big thing?

Anyways, I think for the moment that is all. Not much else to say really. I got through the whole weekend pretty much without any accidents which is a major plus. I hope all of you are well and I shall return with a new blog soon. In the meantime, make lots of comments. Not had many lately and I feel like a hasbeen singer whose singles arent charting very well. Wow, most random analogy ever. On that peculiar note, I shall bow out. until next time guys :D


P.s. No pictures today. For somereason, its not letting me scroll the blog to bring them down to appropriate places. If any of you know how I can rectify this, let me know. Cheers me dears


  1. How could he never have heard the Fleetwood Mac album Rumours?!

  2. Congrats on finding the right place, and too bad about the sushi.

  3. Congrats on finding the place, not getting hurt this week lol ... and finding the song ( to me that huge) and taking the big step in moving in with Jay ... head spins ... wow man ... yeah so be the bigger man on mom. Man ... I am so glad from ... taking alnight for saying I love you to moving in ....Go Ryan ... BTW how are you healing man.... Love Lee

  4. sushi is the best. hving a song is big, but sharing a house... marginally bigger.

  5. Congrats on jay moving in with you! When you know you know, when it comes to apartments. Don't like fish much either. ;) Hope things go great with the apt!

  6. Aww dude, i'm right there with you on the fish front! I can't stand the stuff myself, though I thik I can handle it enough to be around it... ha ha ha!

    That is really cool news about you and Jay. The pessimist in me is hoping that you have really thought it out, and have no regrets about asking him. The other several sides, are all pulling for you two!

    All the best mate...


  7. Congratulations on the new place and moving in with Jay! You must be so happy!!!!
    I disagree regarding the fish front. I love and can eat everything that comes from the sea! I can eat that stuff daily without a problem.
    So, when do you start packing?

  8. hell of a blog ryen what you like accident prone or what bet u were glad to be back at work even if it behind the desk.
    think you and jay were heading for the next level
    moving in
    DRU X

  9. I just came across the blog and your adventures are pretty entertaining.

    Too bad about the fish thing. More sushi for me. Get well soon.

  10. Thanks for the comment RyanO. It is very much appreciated. A break sounds like a good idea, but in all honesty i'm afraid of the outcome. Sometimes I feel like things shouldn't be this complicated but I can't stop feeling the way that I do. I have some soul searching to do and a lot of growing up to do as well. Thanks again for the advice, I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do.