Saturday, 16 January 2010

Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?

Work, work, work. I forgot how much I loved my job in all the time I had off, but I also forgot how hard it can be sometimes. I got so used to all my free time that I forgot how random my shift patterns are and trying to get back into the routine I had before Christmas is taking it's toll on me. I got so used to the late nights and lie in's that I am totally shattered all the time. I am taking this weekend to just chill out and catch up on some zzz's to get myself used to being up at all hours again. I am off now until Monday, but I am working 10pm until 7am so I will have to sort myself out by then.

This week me and my mates decided to try out a new bar called Taps. The name is based on the fact that you sit at your designated table, and pour your own drinks from the beer pumps that are on your table. A novel idea no? It beats queueing at the bar thats for sure because I am the most impatient person ever and nothing drives me more insane than being overlooked at the bar and someone getting served before me who came there after me.

So anyway, this bar is decked out pretty nicely, the tables could do with having a bit more room, and they could have had more to offer in the way of drink choices but it wasnt alltogether too bad. The bill however, made my heart sink. The drinks are a tad more expensive than average, on account that you are getting your own private pumps I guess, but having it there in front of you means you end up not really paying attention to how much you are drinking and between five of us we had a bill of just over £150 for a few hours worth of drinks. My recomendation: Go to the bar and keep an eye on your consumption.

I had a falling out with one of my friends this week. I am not the most tactful of people I admit, and generally my foot likes to live in my mouth, but one thing all my friends know is that they will always get complete honesty and truth from me, even if sometimes they don't want to hear it. So my friend comes to me for advice about their ex. Basically my lesbian friend and her girlfriend have split up (not Shane and her bitch, oh how I wish), but my friend is still pining, and is now spending her life at the beck and call of her ex, who is loving the fact that my friend comes running at the click of her fingers. My friend asked me if she was being silly and so I told her exactly what I thought. which was basically that her ex was using her and leading her on to think there was a chance of reconcilliation, when in reality, there was none etc.

She asked me for the truth and then kicked off when I gave it to her, saying I was out of order to talk about her ex that way, I dont know her, she wouldnt do that etc. So I ended up getting pissed off and causing more of a row for my friend being so blind to it all. I dont get why people come to you for advice or help and then moan because they dont hear what they want to hear. As my title today says, do you want the truth or something beautiful?

Jay and I resumed our Wednesday cinema dates this week. The choice was mine this week and so I opted for Nine. Bad move. What a horrendously bad film. The acting was brilliant, the premise was great, but the songs were dreadful, and the way they made the film itself left a lot to be desired. They tried so hard to make it Chicago, and it failed miserably. Within 20 minutes I wanted to leave. Jay was equally as bored. This film had all the ingredients to be a winner, but the plot was muddled and it was all just a bit rubbish. It is Jay's turn to choose next week and he has already decided on Sherlock Holmes. It better be good. Has anyone seen it?

Yesterday we put the last of the money down for our new place so we are all ready to go. It has cost us over £1000 just to get the place, and we finally get the keys this coming Friday. We could have had them sooner if it were a normal property, but because they aren't decorating the apartments until people snap them up, we have to wait for the walls to be painted, caprets to be laid etc, so we are using next weekend to move in. I can't wait. I have started my packing, which i hate doing, but I have condensed everything down as much as possible and thrown a lot of stuff away. I am a horder, I get it from my mum, so I am trying to nip that in the bud and only keep the essential stuff.

Jay is taking me out for lunch today. He has been spoiling me for the last few days, which you know, you can't complain about. He baught me a load of books and dvd's yesterday as well as taking me to lunch, and then he rang this morning saying he was missing me and to get myself nice and we will go for a meal, so I am meeting him in a few hours for that. Other than all that though, I don't think I really have much more to report.

Anyways, I will leave it at that for now. Hope that you all have a good weekend, and I shall be back again soon. Have fun guys.



  1. Thanks for the shoutout..., you are too kind.

    Jay sounds like a great guy, I truly envy you..., but at the same time am super happy.., know what I mean?

    As for your friend, well..., seems like she is just not ready to accept the truth. In my opinion just be there for her. Because she is going to crash very hard by the sounds of it.

    Courage and Honour!


  2. Hey Ryan,

    Jay sounds a bit like my Pete by way of going out for meals or fixing something at home. Hopefully the good times keep rolling on for both of us. Regarding your friend though, she is being tricked I feel as well and until she realizes it and can overcome that she will have some bad feelings for what you've said. You will be there for her when it happens and that is what true friends are for.


  3. Before I even get started, at your last post, 'grateful' isn't spelt the same as 'great'. See? Blogger makes you stupid. Hahaha!!
    Anyway, Sherlock Holmes is pretty decent plus Jude Law is in it, so s'all good!! That guy is like an orgasm on screen!! LOL
    Anywho, you should also go see 'Daybreakers' I saw it yesterday and fell in love with this guy who works in Subway! Tralalalalalalalalaaaaaaaa! Anyway, I think I'm gonna go write my own blog now!
    Oh but before I go, beauty is always better than truth. Because as You Me at Six have taught us, the truth is a terrible thing...
    Anyway, Ryan, see you around,

  4. ryan can see what you mean about the bar tab £30
    each sod that. must be looking forward to your own pad with jay looks like he`s planning something or is that just me DRU

  5. hey thanks for the comment on my blog. i'm so behind on my reading, so i'm commenting on the post that i'm at. haha. you should shoot me an email sometime. :) i did see sherlock holmes btw and it was pretty good. it made for a good date movie. nothing too heavy, but definitely fun. :) you've probably already watched it by now. hope you guys enjoyed!