Thursday, 28 January 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I'm back. Though only for a quickie. Just got home from work and need my bed but I thought I would give everyone a quick update on the move and the last few days. I should say upfront that not much has happened so this isnt the best place for thrills, spills and adventure right now, but anyways...

So Friday was moving day. I met up with Jay early in the morning to go to the agents, sign all the forms and pick up the keys. It took forever. I swear to god I have never spent so long in one place in all my life. We had to sign about 300 forms each, initial each one, check the copies etc. Then there was a fuck up on a load of them, where they had put his last name as mine and vise versa so we had to wait for them to retype, print and photocopy a load more before we could get out. By the time we finished with all the forms we were told we would have to wait another half hour for someone to come back from the apartment with the jeys before we could get them and go there.

By this point I was dying for a drink and seeing as we were right next to a shopping centre, we told them we would be back in a bit and off we went. We went to grab a coffee and I decided to go for a milky latte. As I was watching her make it, I knew I wouldnt like it. She was using full fat milk which I hate, but I was so desperate for a drink I ended up knocking a few sips of it back. It was like drinking cream and as soon as I got outside I was sick all over the pavement. I was so embarrassed but I couldnt hold it in. Jay was stood there rubbing my back trying not to gag from the sight and I was praying that nobody was watching. The shame.

Anyways, we got the keys in the end and by friday night we were all moved in. We were both booked off from work until Tuesday so we had a long weekend of nothingness. It was bliss. We went and got some essentials on Saturday because there was some stuff we needed, but as we were going around the shops, (essentially all we needed was a mirror and some cushions) Jay kept getting excited about stuff we 'should' have and we ended up spending £300. I have to pip out again this afternoon to get one or two more things but we are pretty much sorted now thankfully.

So the weekend was spent doing pretty much nothing. We got the apartment sorted pretty much straight away, and so we spent three days cuddled up watching DVD's. We had a massive Doctor Who and Torchwood marathon and squeezed a couple of movies in too.

Tuesday came around way too quickly which meant going back to work, but it is an awesome feeling, knowing you are going home to your guy at the end of a shift. We cancelled movie night last night because we couldnt decide on what to go and see, so I ended up cooking fajitas and we watched District 9. What a bizarre film. good, but bizarre.

Anyways, that pretty much all. I have to go back to town this afternoon to pick a few things up and I am meeting my friend Amelia for a catch up and a bit of gossip. She is meeting Jay for the first time aswell when he joins us after work. Should be fun! Now though, its 9.40am and it is time for me to go to bed.

Have fun guys.



  1. I am still so very happy for you. I hope that there was not too many squabbles over where things should go.


  2. Having someone to rub your back when you're going sick is what I call love either it's a friend or a boyfriend...
    Shopping for small or essential things for a new household is something I really adore...
    I'm so happy for you

  3. Yay! Shopping with your loved one is the best! I love shopping and making a living space your space. It'll be nice bc you can go home and say "this is OUR space" and that is my man! If i ever go to the UK i want to have lunch with you and Jay... but that will be in the future. ;)

  4. not as hectic as expected then thought you would av missed THE SMELLY ONE. when i moved into my first place it took almost over a week to get the living room the way i liked it kept changing my mind.

  5. One of the signs of true love, someone who'll care for you while you throw up. Good luck in the new place.

  6. 在你一無所有的時候 是誰在陪伴你 他便是你最重要的人..................................................

  7. ry can you translate the above message pmsl

  8. Sounds amazing. I want I guy I can cuddle up with and watch hours of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

    I'm very happy for the both of you. Your post made me smile in that cheesy, hopeless-romantic sense.

  9. sounds like everything is going really well. and i want someone to rub my back when i'm vomming on the pavement... :) sounds like you've got quite a guy there. all the best! and i know i'm a few posts behind. lol. i'm slowly catching up. :) cheers!