Thursday, 21 January 2010

Last Night Of Freedom

So that's it. I am all packed up. I failed my packing exercise. I said in an earlier post about how I intended to get all my stuff into 4 boxes and two suitcases, and I was sooooo close!! I managed 5 boxes, 3 suitcases and a bin bag. Thats not so bad is it? I can't wait to get out of here now. Everything changes tomorrow. I am not nervous or stressing about it though. I am going to embrace it and try to enjoy it all. It's a big old step but I wouldnt be taking it if I wasn't completely sure about it. the actual moving part will be a bitch though.

The guys I live with are taking me out for drinks this evening. Smelly Gav isnt coming. He was so excited about it, even though he wasnt invited, but the gods must have been smiling down on me because he got called into work at the last minute. At least it will be a better night without having to explain his odour to people in the bars. You never know though, maybe the celebration of me leaving would have called for him to have a bath or something?

I finished work at about 2pm today and I am not back in now until Tuesday. Jay has booked a long weekend too, so we can get settled and stuff. It should be awesome. I think he is planning for us to spend 4 days under the duvet watching tv and pigging out but he is going to get a shock. Im too anal to have boxes and mess around, so I wont be relaxing and chilling out until everything has a home. I must sound like some sort of cleaning weirdo. I will be better able to relax in a tidy apartment though. Then the fun of living together can start.

We had our wednesday night cinema night again last night. I like that we have our wednesday thing. I dont usually work on a wednesday so I was pooped this morning. I was up yesterday at about 9am, spent the day doing my packing, then picked Jay up from work at 5.30, before grabbing a bite and heading to the cinema, then I had to be in work at 12am and worked right through until 2pm today, so I slept for a good few hours before starting (and finishing) the last of my packing.

The comedy club on Monday was a total washout. They can often be a bit hit and miss because Monday is when the amateurs go on, but this week was awful. We ended up leaving after 2 acts and going and getting a pizza instead. I'm just glad it was free.

Not really an awful lot to say today. I wont bore you all with ramblings, so get your peepers around this and leave me some comments. Or not. Up to you. (but I would really like some)

Ooh, I should add though that because I am moving tomorrow, I dont know how long it will be until I get my internet up and running, so you may not hear from me for wee while. In the meantime, keep yourself safe guys.



  1. Hey Ryan!
    So I read that and I'm actually excited for you! It sounds like your move with be awesome fun!!
    Did you go see Sherlock Holmes like you were going to? If so, it's dead good isn't it? If not, it's dead good so go see it!! Hahaha!
    And I also just wanted to say, even though people say it on every comment you get, but I haven't, so I will now. You and Big J, that's dead special and I'm seriously properly dead happy for you!
    But think this might have to be my last comment for a while, just cos, y'know stuff. So yeah, but as a last comment. I just wanted to say, that you've really properly helped me come to terms with myself. So thank you so much.
    I'll try to keep reading if I can though!

  2. old expression, "you're married up now". the next step is being comfortable to fart in the others presence... im awkward.

  3. One over huh? Yeah I guess I can let you off with that. Like everyone else, I am super happy for you, yet at the same time, very envious!

    I have a question though..., why the Kiwi Cop?

    All the best..., for absolutely everything mate.


  4. Hey Ry,
    I'm so excited for you... Good luck with the moving... I'm very surprised regarding the 3 suitcases, the boxes and the bin bag. Congrats... I don't know how you managed to do that...
    Is it you on the second pic? :-p

  5. No sorry Nik, not me in the pic. He's a hotty though aint he?

    Octavius, one over is pretty awesome, you have to admit. When I moved in it took the van two trips so I have really cut it down

    Pants, 'Married' may be a bit premature, but he farts in front of me anyways lol

    Jack, Dont you go anywhere you little delinquent

  6. aw darn it thought that was you, yes he is really cute. I'm moving from a place of chaos to my own place so I'll be anal retentive too. I totally get that, and no that's not a lot of stuff. Good luck on everything ;) and hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Love the car with the roof packed.

  8. So, how did the weekend go?
    Do you have internet conenction yet?
    I just wanted to let you know that I've just nominated you for one of those blogging award meme things (see my blog). As Dyl told me, don't feel obliged. x