Friday, 1 January 2010

This Episode Of Ryan O Is Brought To You In Technicolour

Happy New Year

Well to start, I just want to say that I hope everyone had a brilliant christmas and new year. I didnt get to blog for over a week, but I am back for 2010 and now you are all stuck with me again.

My trip home for christmas was great. I got to catch up with lots of old friends and family and it was nice to relax away from the city life and smelly Gav. I had a pretty sober christmas this year, which I didnt mind so much, but it was still loads of fun. I wont bore everyone with the boring details, so a summery is that I went away, caught up with my mates, had christmas dinner, spent time with my mates, came home.

Every year, we usually play a charity rugby match on christmas day for a local chidrens hospital, but because my arm is still in a cast, (can I get a collective awwwww, please) I had to watch from the sidelines which annoyed me muchly. If I dont have to work next christmas day then I will deffinately be playing. It's the first christmas day game I have missed in seven years.

I cannot begin to describe how much I am missing Jay. Circumstances slapped me in the face this week. As I mentioned before, the day before I was due to come back, Jay was due to be going away himself for a few days. Something came up for him though and so he had to push it back a day, and go on the day I was coming back. We were texting while I was on the train and he said that his train had been delayed, and so he would be in the station when I arrived, and for the first time in nearly two weeks we would get to see each other, if only for a few minutes which got me all kinds of excited.

It was then though that fate decided to start playing games and for some reason, my train came to a complete stop. I was sitting there willing it to move for what seemed like forever, and I knew then that I probably would miss him. As I arrived at the station my train pulled in right next to his and we could see each other through the window for a few seconds before he pulled away. I was absolutely gutted. A few minutes earlier and I could have at least gotten a kiss or a hug or something. I had a face like a slapped arse all the way home. Jay is coming back a day earlier now and so tomorrow I will finally get to see him again. I swear to god he wont be able to get me off him. I have missed him like crazy.

My New Year's Eve was a bit random. It was a great night, but I kept losing everyone. I sunk down nearly a whole bottle of Jack Daniels before going out and by midnight I was totally wasted. My friend Tom and I were going around and interviewing potential dates for our friend Wez. It seemed like such an awesome idea at the time, but we were probably very obnoxious to some of them. We did get him a New Year's snog though, so it wasnt a total loss. I ended my night phoning Jay and whining drunkenly down the phone about how much I was missing him before going home and watching lebian porn with my flatmate. It wasnt a sex thing, we were just looking for wied looking birds and laughing our heads off. I think she will turn straight after seeing some of the people we saw last night.

And so that brings me to today. Other than watching the second part of Doctor Who (which I have been waiting for for like a year,bye bye Tennant), today is just a mass of hours holding me back from seeing Jay tomorrow. 22 hours and counting.

On a different note I have told everyone that I am moving out at the end of the lease, or before if I can find somewhere. I will pay until the end of the lease because its just polite, but I will probably go before that. I cant take the mess and smells anymore and its making me hate my mates. Have to go back to work next week. I like having the time off, but I cant wait to get back into it all. I am staying our of harms way for the time being though. Need to heel the injuries I have before I aquire any new ones me thinks.

Anyways, this is me for now. I will update again on Sunday and let you know how everything went with Jay.



  1. Happy New Year! Good to hear you had a great time with your family and friends.

  2. that's awesome, glad you had a great time. You are so cute with missing your bf. :)

  3. the chance meeting with jay was right out of brief encounter an old film with Trever Howard you must have seen it . you planing on moving closer to jay . a gay bloke watching lezbo porn with his mate you do realise that is just strange dont you

  4. ok. the train story is probably the cutest thing ever! that only happens in movies. yours is much worse, but it reminds me of my elevator story. like, you're thinking "really, this is actually happening??" lol. happy new year! :)