Friday, 8 January 2010

Doctor, Doctor

If only it was as simple as a doctor, doctor joke. It turns out I am a bit of a spaz and I have caused myself even more injury, hence the last few days of silence. Firstly I slipped after mopping the kitchen, caught my head on the corner of microwave and now I have a lumpy head and a small cut. Then, the following day I fell in the snow, bashed my elbow and got covered in bruises, and then while cleaning last night I put my hand on the kettle to move it, and now I have major blisters. It wouldnt have been so bad, but I have a mettle kettle old fashioned looking thing, so it was hotter than a normal one would be. I'd only boiled it about 3 minutes before so it was a totally stupid thing to do. To top it off, I now have a chest infection as well. It really isnt my week. I think I should just set up shop at the doctors surgery. Oh well, keep smiling I guess.

And something to smile about of course is Jay. Just writing about him makes me grin from ear to ear. We had our first squabble this week. That wasn't fun at all. I suppose I made it a bigger issue than it needed to be. Basically, it emerged this week that he once slept with one of my dearest friends. I got really really upset and we ended up having a bit of a row. I tried being rational about it, but the thought kills me. In his defense, it happened about 4 years ago, before I knew either him or my friend, but it still cut. I'm not so naive as to think he doesnt have a past, but it was a little close to home, and not a situation I have been in before, so my reactions were just instinct. I am cool with things now, and we seem to be stronger and more determined to not let things break us up, but I don't know how I will feel when it comes to seeing my friend again. For the time being I am avoiding that situation completely.

On a lighter note though, things are back to normal, and probably better than they were before. I will be heading out to see him in an hour or so. He is comeing with me while I have a look at two apartments then we shall be getting some food and watching a film, before heading home. He is staying here for the night tonight.

Back to work tomorrow night. I'm dead excited. And a bit miffed that my long holiday is finally over. Could be worse though I guess. I will no doubt be stuck doing shedloads of paperwork and dealing with drunks, but I dont mind. I really love it. The shifts will get better once I have my cast off. Its starting to really itch now. I accidently smacked Jay accross the head with it in my sleep the other day too. I dont think he was best pleased.

Anyways, I must away. I know it is only a short one today, but I didnt leave myself much time and I need to pick something to wear that doesnt clash with my cast :P



  1. Man Ryan you having a time, damn sure hard on your body slow down dude.... well what can I say but, Jay is the same person you feel in love with, and he honest. He didn't do anything wrong except open up to you. You don't want him feeling like he has to guard his past. Hope you get passed that!I know it hard but really should reach out, and look at it differently pull your self out , don't take it personel, so shouldn't be was before he knew you ... So hope yall are better and get past that ... just wishing for the best ...enough about that . Hope you don't harm your self anymore man ... lol ... Lee

  2. Sorry to hear about your (how many were they) accidents? Hope to be feeling better soon.
    The quarrel with Jay cannot really be justified logically but I can understand how emotions can take you over. I’d probably feel the same…
    Good luck with your first day at work

  3. Oh man you're not having any luck at all when it comes to accidents. When I first read it, it made me think of Bridget Jones. :)

  4. Ryan!!!!! As if you've abandoned Wordpress :(
    I'm so upset I might even cry or something... you should come back and comment me sometime. Just for old times sake, we haven't spoken in AGES!! :(
    Anyway, whatever, glad stuff is working out with you and Big J :)
    P.S. 'Since' is spelt with a 'c'

  5. you are to be wrapped in bubble wrap and... bacon. lets face it, bacon makes everything better.

  6. "Accident Prone" doesn't even begin to cover you buddy... ha ha ha ha. I am sorry to hear about it all though.

    On to Jay, well I am super happy you found him, he seems like a really decent bloke.


  7. Sorry about your series of unfortunate injuries. I'm sure you'll find it amusing after all is said and done. Hope it's sooner rather than later of course. :)