Monday, 18 January 2010

Cleaning Up And Clearing Out

Mary bloody Poppins has a lot to answer for. I've clicked my fingers at everything in this house, and nothing is tidying itself up and putting itself away. Maybe I could get some enchanted broomsticks or something instead? I really can not be arsed to do it for myself. I have decided to have the biggest clear out ever. I really don't like packing, so i figure if I put most of my stuff in the bin, then I don't have to pack it. Ok, be honest with me, is that like the laziest thing ever? I hate being lazy, but I hate packing even more. I am trying to get the contents of my house into 4 boxes and 2 suitcases. That is the amount of space I have allocated myself. It's not going to happen is it?

My friends are saying I could make loads of money by selling the stuff that I am throwing away, but I can't see why anyone would want any of my second hand shit. I just horde way too much stuff. I always think to myself 'this will come in handy for something someday' and it gets shoved in a cupboard never to see the light of day again. Then there is all the cleaning that has to be done. i kow there will still be four people living here, but I can't leave a mess behind. I am too much of a clean freak for that. On the flipside of that coin though, 'smelly gav' suggested that the day before I move out, I should muck in and clean the whole house. I told him in no uncertain terms where he could go with that suggestion.

As I have mentioned before, I love cleaning. Nothing makes me happier than being in a clean environment. But after months of picking up everyones shit, I took a stand and refused to clean any mess that wasnt made by me. As a result the place is a pigsty. I think everyone thought I would cave in and do it, but I have been standing my ground and according to everyone else who lives here, the mess just appeared out of nowhere and none of them made it, so I should help them do a big clean before I go. No chance!

The move itself is 4 days away now. I cannot wait. Seriously. As well as the excitement of leaving here, I have the added excitement of moving in with Jay. It is a massive step, but I think things will work out brilliantly. Things between us just keep getting better and better, and every day I am a little more amazed at how well we fit. I am head over heels in love with this guy and it feels amazing.

Tonight we are going out for dinner and going to a comedy club. Monday nights is amateur night so it can be a bit hit and miss with the acts, but sometimes you get some amazing people on stage. Either way though the atmosphere is always good so it is always a good night.

I made up with my mum. I made the first move and it killed me. God I am so stubborn. I needed a favour though so I just rang and acted as though nothing had happened. I had to do a favour in return though, and so I now have a visitor coming up in february. My ten year old neice. My brother and sister in law need to go away to a wedding for the weekend, my neice didntwant to go and my mum will be abroad, so I have the honour. How the hell am I supposed to entertain her? There is nothing for kids to do in the city centre. She has me wrapped around her finger though so I will no doubt be spending the entire weekend going around the shops buying her clothes and toys. I suppose that will keep her entertained and it sounds like a great excuse to treat myself to some new clothes. It also gives her a chance to meet Jay too.

Ok so it is 1pm and now I feel really lazy. Im sitting buck naked in bed writing this. I got home about 9am from work and came to bed to have two hours sleep, got up, had a shower, and climbed right back into bed. I guess its time to get dressed and get packing..... Maybe I will have just 5 more minutes.



  1. What do you mean by 4 boxes and 2 suitcases? lmao...
    Really? How big are the boxes you have?
    Do you think you can do it? I don't know if you have cutlery to pack, but just a few pairs of shoes and bathroom stuff can be two boxes. What about pillows / duvets or blankets? These things are light but very voluminous. Are you going to throw all away?
    By the way, I’d recommend giving things to charity. There must be a charity shop or even an Oxfam bin somewhere around your area…

  2. Good luck on the move! You can do it. Yes charity is great but do get rid of alot... sometimes getting rid of physical clutter declutters your mind, so good stuff. I'm excited about your move in with jay and I may be moving also to an apartment in the city. Oh naked while typing... you are naughty. ;)

  3. I'm just curious - you were on the list of followers of my blog this morning and now you aren't. The only thing I want to know is if you decided to leave or if this is a glitch with blogger. Someone else who was always very positive has also gone - that's their right, of course, but I am just wondering if it's a mechanical problem rather than people deciding that what I write is shit!

  4. Meh... it's lazy, but to be fair, it's probably the exact thing I'd do... haha! And what are you on?! 'There's nothing to do in the city centre'?!?! Pzzzazzz!! I think not!! MOSI, better known as the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry! It's perfect for 10 year olds!!! I took my cousins there in October when all the adults had hangovers and they all LOVED it!! Plus the educational value is AMAZING!! And also, everyone knows, you can't spell Manchester without Chester, and you can't spell Chester with Chester Zoo!! It's not that far and zoos are the most amazing places EVER!!! Plus what kind of a kid doesn't love shopping?!? Buy her an ice cream or some other 'fun adult' kinda thing to do!! It's genius!!
    Oh, and by the way, you wrote a blog AGES ago about how you like Glee, and I started watching it and I LOVE IT!!! So yeah, nice one!!
    Anyway, this was a LONG comment... so I'll wait for you to blog again then continue with my tirade of long winded ideas and suggestions... we should actually talk sometime!!
    Anyway, I said I was gonna stop, so yeah, bye!

  5. Honestly dude..., moving is the best time to get rid of crap. I well know how you feel, as I tend to horde stuff as well. But come moving time, I purge like a 16 yr old starlet at weighing time.

    Be brutal fella..., I'm gonna hold you to that "4 Boxes" thing... ha ha ha ha!!


  6. I'm feeling the need to go through all of my stuff again. I know I can get rid of a lot of excess stuff. At least it feels like it!

  7. at least you've showered. that's usually how my afternoons go when i don't have to work. suddenly it's 4pm and im still in my underwear in bed. and the funny part is that i've been up since 10am. haha. i'm sure the move will go great. it's always always easier when you're moving into a better place than you started. best of luck ry!