Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Coffee And Shopping

Now that my morning rant is out of the way, I can get on with the fun stuff. It isnt even 2pm and I have had quite an event filled day.

Once I finished at the gym I went for my obligitory Starbucks. I’ve been feeling pretty Christmasy for the last few days, so I ditched my usual Caramel (light) Machiato and instead opted for the Cherry Mocha. I don’t even like cherries, but it had a picture of holly on the cup in the picture, so it was good enough for me. The place was dead because I had beaten the commuters, so I got chatting to the guy serving me while I waited. He said he was new to the area and was asking about where to go, drink, eat etc.

Without thought, I was just stood at the counter sipping my coffee while we talked. He was fit. And when I say fit, I mean DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, FIT AS FUCK!!! He obviously worked out because he had a great boddy that was rippling out of his shirt, and gorgeous smile and seemed genuinly nice and funny. I must have being giving off my ’screaming homo’ vibe, because he casually dropped into the conversation that maybe I could show him around town sometime, and in return he would treat me to dinner. We shared a knowing glance before swapping numbers. A little bit of chit chat later and I then had to leave. He gave me a wink as I left and off I went.

Now, anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am in the middle of potentially starting something along the lines of formal dating with someone else, and I aint really one for running two guys at once, but all the same, being chatted up over morning coffee is nice, and put me in a great mood for the day.

I needed a new pair of headphones and the ones I wanted are about £20, so I had to head into town to get them this morning, so once I left the coffee shop, I headed towards the shops. BAD MOVE! I am a nightmare shopper. My friends hate going shopping with me because I will take 4 hours in a each shop. It’s ridiculous. If I know what I need, then I can be in and out in a flash, without distraction, but today, I spotted a sale in All Saints. I swear, I tried to just walk past the shop, but I couldnt do it, so in I went. Just to browse obviously.

An hour later I came out. A fucking hour. I spent nearlu £300 on new clothes when all I wanted was a pair of headphones, which in all the excitement I forgot to get, so by the time I got back to the car and remembered, meant I then had to walk all the way back into town. I made sure this time to keep my head down and not get distracted by any shop windows. I suppose on the plus side, for my £300 I got 3 fantastic pairs of jeans, and a new top. Bargain.

I am starting to think when I need something I should just go online so I wont get distracted by the shiny window displays.


  1. Oh yes, I well know what you mean. My friends hate shopping with me as well, I have been known to spend hours just grocery shopping, so as you can imagine, anything else takes a considerable amount of time. Ha ha!

    300 for three pairs of jeans and a shirt..., is that really a bargain?


  2. It is in All Saints. I love it in there but can't afford to shop there often, so the money was well spent. Probably would have all been closer to £500 without the sale

  3. I don't patronise Starbucks, so I cannot be sure, but Cherry flavoured coffee sound fucking revolting. Why don't they stick to coffee flavoured coffee?

  4. haha! i have to agree with vilges. coffee must be coffee flavoured. lol

  5. It still tastes like coffee, just with a bit of a kick. You really should try it!

  6. i haven't been to starbucks for a while. but i may have to go in just to see this cherry thing. i wonder if we even have it over here. and i know exactly what you mean. i dropped nearly 300 bucks on clothes the other day. two ted baker shoes and two shirts and a vest. i thought it was a pretty good deal. haha.