Friday, 27 November 2009

Random Witterings

So, I managed to get about 9 hours of sleep in last night, and I am feeling fresh as a button today. What a random saying that is. Are buttons fresh? I digress... My mood is much better today. Everyone had left the house when I woke up so I had a chance to just relax for a bit. I think my ranting last night got through to at least one of them because when I came downstairs, the house was spotless. Will have to let rip with the temper more often if it gets them cleaning. It has put me in a great mood today though, which is fab.

I was supposed to be going to the gym today but I kinda cant be arsed. My friend, who I took to the gym with me the other day, is nagging me to get off my arse and go with her. I think I have turned her into a little gym bunny. I guess I will see how I feel in an hour or so. God knows why she can't go on her own though. What is it with women? They can't even go to the toilet on their own.

Feeling loads better about Jay today. I know he didnt do anything wrong last night, and I was just being an arsehole, but this morning he has been sending me loads of texts and saying that he missed me and whatnot. It's really nice because he never says things like that. The closest he has got to that is saying things like 'It would be cool if you were here', or something to that effect.

I get the evening off of work tonight because I swapped a shift, which means I now have a long weekend. Good times indeed! My friend is working the circuits as a comedian and has a gig tonight that he wants me to go too. He is actually really good and I know he will make something of himself. I just hate watching him because a lot of his act involves stories about his friends, including me, and it is dead embarrassing when he picks you out of the crowd and you have 400 people staring and laughing at you. I guess I should go support him though.

The weather is shocking today. I want to go and have a look around the christmas market, but I may give it a miss. I go every year and the most I have bought is a crepe, but I like to have a look around anyways. Maybe when the weather is better though. The UK is still being battered. The wind and rain is shocking and it is set to get worse over then next few weeks. It isnt so bad at this end of the country. Some floods, but nothing like the midlands and south. If you havent heard on the news, this will give you a little idea of how bad it has been Clickey Click.

I can't decide what to eat for my dinner. I overdosed on Crunchy Nut Cornflakes when I woke up. I am craving junk food today, but luckily I dont have any in the house or I would be like a bloated old moose by the end of the day. I just want chocolate and crisps and shit like that. Think I will have a soak in the bath to take my mind off of it and relieve the boredom. I will probably end up going to the gym anyways, just to get out of the house for a bit.

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