Thursday, 26 November 2009

Late Nights, Paranormal Activity and Smelly Housemates

Well last night was a bit of a washout. I didn't finish training until about 9ish, so by the time I swung by Jay's it was nearing ten and I was fooked! I think he was a bit annoyed with me to be honest because I just kinda flopped myself down on the bed and gave him very little attention. I didnt want the night to end with me catching z's twenty minutes after arriving, so I had a quick shower to relax, which he insisted on watching, and then gave him the attention he was after.

I didn't stay too late, probably until about midnight, but getting out of that bed was probably the hardest thing I had ever had to do. The weather has been so rubbish lately, and it was so warm and comfy being wrapped in those sheets and entwined with him, but I knew if I didnt get home and do at least a couple of hours of sleep, then I would be a zombie today. I think I managed about 4 hours before I had to get up and make myself pretty for work.

I don't know why I ever agree to do extra shifts because they are so boring. I mean really boring! I work in a police station and although I love my job, the extra shifts are always the early morning ones when all the action has already happened and I am left dealing with the paperwork. I suppose it is more money at the end of the month though and it was only a 5 hour shift. The lack of sleep must have been affecting me more than I realised because on the drive home from work I was listening to Listen, that Beyonce song from Dreamgirls and I started crying. What the fuck is that all about?

I am trying to psych myself up to go to the gym this afternoon, but I just cant find the energy to go. I need to do something to get out of the house though. I ham having housemate issues. Five of us live together and although I would count 3 of them as some of my best mates, one of them does my head in beyond belief. He is a bitchy little queen with a Britney obsession who refuses to admit he is gay, despite the fact he munches more cock than anyone I know. I wouldnt mind so much if he just didnt speak, but he is a meddler. He is always up in everyones business, listening in to conversations that don't involve him, and sticking his unwelcome two pennies worth in at every opportunity and it winds me up. Add to that the fact that he is a dirty little fucker and it is enough to drive me mad. He is so messy and untidy and he doesnt wash, so he stinks, and despite me frequently telling him to scrub his pits, he still avoids bathing at all costs, and I think it is rank. I am a hygiene freak, and I dont understand how someone can take such little pride in their appearance. He has a day off of work today and I can't bear to be stuck in the house with him, so I need to occupy myself until the others get home.

Tonight I am meant to be going to see Paranormal Activity at the cinema with some friends. It came out over here yesterday, and I have been dying to see it for months. Have any of you seen it? It seems to have been out everywhere else for ages. I love things to do with ghosts and the supernatural so I think I will enjoy this and the trailer looks really good so I have high expectations. I just hope I stay awake long enough to go, because to be honest as much as I want to see it, I am considering cancelling just so I can get an early night and some shut eye.

Well it's time for some lunch now. I'm thinking boiled potatoes, cous cous and chicken in a tomato and chilli sauce. I love cooking, but lately I have been eating crappy ready meals because I have been so busy. Need to nip that in the bud.


  1. Aside from the cous cous, that sounds really good.

    Haven't seen the film so can't you.

    On the other, a bucket of hot soapy water over the head should do the trick.


  2. I had a flatmate like that, he was absolutely disgusting, stank to high heaven and never cleaned anything.
    Thank god I don't live with him anymore.

    I've seen Paranormal Activity, and it scared the shit out of me... if you liked the Blair Witch Project, well then this is going to blow your mind!

  3. I'm glad you said the film is good. One of my mates told me this morning that it was shit. I've rearranged to go see it on Monday now instead, sinse I fell asleep and didnt get to see it yesterday