Monday, 30 November 2009

Monday Madness

Afternoon everyone, or morning, or evening depending on where you are. Another eventful day today. I worked 5am until 10am and then had time to come home for a shower and had to go off into town. On the last Monday of every month I do some volunteer work at an organisation for gay teens who are having difficulties, and just sit and chat with them for a couple of hours. It's usually pretty rewarding helping them to come out of their shells, but some of them have had a really horrific time.
Most of them have had difficulty coming out and so have run away, or just need someone to talk to. Today I was with a guy called Ste, who I have been speaking with for a little while. He has had a real shitty time lately. He came out to his parents about 2 months ago. He is only 16 and whan he told his parents, his stepdad attacked him and slashed his arm with a knife, so he spent the last 6 or 7 weeks in foster accomodation. He seems to be picking himself up though which is good. He didnt stay very long today, he just wanted to tell me that he had gotten himself an apprenticeship as a carpenter and was moving into a flat with his sister in a few weeks. It's so nice to hear things like that. He is determined not to let things get him down. For such a young guy, his head is completely screwed on. Good for him.

I am having a couple of hours to chill this afternoon, then this evening I will be braving the cold and the great unwashed to go and start my christmas shopping. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! It does my head in though that every year it seems to start a bit earlier. Some of the shops have had xmas songs and decorations up sinse mid september. It does my head in to see it, because by the time it actually comes along I am sick of it. I am going away for christmas this year though, so I need to start my shopping a bit earlier. I tired online shopping last year but half of it didnt turn up until January, so I wont risk it again this year.

Still having issues with the smelly flatmate. I came home last night and there was a dead funny smell and I couldnt find where it was coming from until I went upstairs. I opened his bedroom door, and he had been sick the night before all over the floor, and just gone out and left it. If he was here when I got in I would have rubbed his nose in it, the dirty bastard. I want him to move out now. It's just too much. He got up this morning, wearing yesterdays clothes and off he went in his car. It's rank. No washing, no changing, nothing. It's getting shocking now. I'm starting to gag everytime he comes into the room and telling him that he is a smelly fucker seems to have no effect. I think he thinks I am joking. I need to rally up the others who live here and get them all to sit down with him and have a word.

Ooh, I knew what I was going to ask. What do you get as a christening gift? My friend Cally is having her baby christened next week and I need gift ideas. My mum suggested a little bracelet or something, but I bet everyone will have the same idea. I need something original, so please give me some ideas.

Thats all for now. I have some dancing to do. Can't stop listening to the Sugababes new song. Have a listen for yourselves, it's great. Have happy Monday's everyone :D



  1. It's really nice of you doing some volunteer work like that. I believe it to be difficult but sometimes so rewarding...

    You have me thinking about doing some volunteer work as well. The only think I've been doing lately is fundraising for 'Cancer Research UK' through running events.

    Good luck with the Xmas shopping...

  2. oh yes, those sugababes always have it going on even when they have no original members present. its a machine. i could totally see myself doing that kinda charity, esp on a phoneline.

  3. regarding the smelly flatmate... just have some people over and when you think he is near by but not in the room start talking about how rank he is. It makes you feel worse when someone says something thinking you are out of the room... Good luck though. Love your blog.