Thursday, 26 November 2009

Once More, With Feeling

Ok, so I didnt take very long between posts today. My lunch got cancelled when I saw the state my housemates had left the kitchen in, so I settled for Crumpets with peanut butter on. WORST. MISTAKE. EVER. Don't try it at home is all I can say. It felt like I had a mouth full of industrial strength glue. Couldnt chew for shit!
My flatmate (the one I dont like) has developed a last minute life and has gone out so I have the house to myself to chillax. And I am doing it in the best possible way. Updating my blogs, listening to the Buffy, Once More, With Feeling Soundtrack (and singing along quite loudly).

It looks like once I am done procrastinating, I will have to clean up the shithole I am forced to live in, because the rest of the people here are incapable it would seem. I usually love cleaning, but I don't love having to pick up after a group of twenty somethings. I aint their mother.

Just to add, I wish all my American and Canadian readers a happy Thanksgiving. I saw a bit of the parade on the news here earlier. At least I think it was part of the parade. Some guy was being interviewed and a load of clowns went past him in the background. Could have just been a clown convention I guess.


  1. If you are the one always doing the cleaning they'll get used to it and never do anything to help. Don't spoil them...

  2. i feel you!!! i just got rid of a smelly ex housemate from my life and i feel so good. we must msn sometime, you're fun.

  3. They got the Mustard OOOOUUUTTTTT!!

    Good choice to keep yourself busy!

  4. Awh Buffy, I just remember what brought me to your blog!