Friday, 27 November 2009

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops

One of my oldest friends in the world is a girl called Emma. Sinse we started school together 20 years ago, we and another friend, have been inseperable. We tell each other everything and we are all really close.

About three years ago, Emma started dating a guy called Brian. I have known him for a while, and although he is nice enough, he is also a bit of a jerk when it comes to the ladies. He has three kids with three different mothers, and was well known for being a bit of a player. Regardless of this though, Emma fell for him and was convinced she could change his ways.

They got together a week after he finished with his ex (after he found out she was pregnant with baby number 2) and within about 3 months, Emma had also fallen pregnant. Despite our concerns, both me and our third friend, Shane (a girl with a guys name), kept our mouths closed and wished her well. We figured there was no point lecturing her about a circumstance that she was already in, so just supported her and waited for him to do his dissappearing act.

To our surprise, he stuck around and nine months later they had a gorgeous daughter (his third child). Things seemed to be going well for them, but there were whisperings among our friends of him trying it on with anything in a skirt whenever he was on a night out. Again, we kept quiet until we saw it with our own eyes. One night in town he tried it on with Shanes younger sister, as well as the sister of my ex, and countless other girls. We decided it was time to tell Emma, but of course he denied everything and arguements erupted about us being 'jealous and interfering'.

I think deep down she knew we wouldnt lie to her about that, but she wanted to believe he wouldnt do that to her, and so buried her head in the sand. Months went by and we kept hearing stories, and watching him be a bit of a dick to Emma, calling her names and putting her down, but nothing more was said about the subject.

About half hour ago I popped over to Shane's (she lives down the road) and as we were talking on her doorstep we saw Brian, coming out of one of the neighbours houses and having a pash fest with the bird who lived there, on the doorstep. BUSTED! He saw us and pushed her back in the house and shut the door. What a fucking idiot. It's one thing to fuck around, but to be so obvious about it where he knows there is a chance he could be caught is just fucking stupid.

Anyways, now I have got the background out of the way, what I need is advice. Do we tell Emma what has been going on? I don't want to be in a situation where we have an arguement about it, and we only have our word against his, but I hate to see her being treated like this. She is 24 with a young kid and it kills me to know he is doing this to one of my best friends. Should I tell her, or let it run its course. I think whatever happens, Shane and I will be seen as the bad guys. Have any of you been in this situation? I feel kinda stuck.


  1. Yes I have... she not going to see or accept what she doesn't want to ... my ex didn't ( I live two houses away long story) But me and her best friend told her... she took his side .... just though we were trying to cause trouble... it will blow up ... all you can do is be there for Emma later ..... I know it hard to do but you try once she not going to want to see it .. now either .... my ex learn the hard way ... we try but she wasn't wanting to hear it .. she did know deep down..... anyway sorry your in this mess ... sometime people have to learn the hard way... Just

  2. I would do it, but do it subtly. Like telling her that you saw him the other day, you could even bring it up while he is there to get his reaction to it. You don't have to say the particulars, eventually he will dig his own grave. Guys like that always do.

    Courage and Honour!


  3. Would you want to be told if the situation were reversed? I would. So I would tell her. Don't be confrontational but helpful. Show her that you're doing this to prepare her. And let her know you're there to support her 100%.

  4. its not the first time sounds as if he`s constant fucking around either way yor friends gunna get upset i would tell her. dru